Carey Price has been the spotlight of the NHL this year. With a 40-15-5 record, a .937% save percentage and a 1.88 goals allowed on average, Carey is leading the league in every way possible. But Price isn’t just a normal hockey player, he takes time to give back to the community knowing that very few are or were where is now. Remember those selfie pictures with that young fan?

CareyPriceThat was just a pure example on how Carey Price is: a true gentleman, in or outside the ice. Then, I started wondering what are the statistics of the best ever goalies in the NHL? Hasek, Dryden, Brodeur, Roy to name a few, came in my mind. I decided to compare Price’ stats versus the top goalies of other generations. Let’s take a look at those statistics:

Carey Price – 429 games played (219w152l)- 2.43 GAA 0.920% – 34 shutouts
Martin Brodeur – 1266 games played (691w397l) – 2.24 GAA 0.912% – 125 shutouts
Dominik Hasek – 735 games played (389w 223l) – 2.20 GAA 0.922% – 81 shutouts
Patrick roy – 1029 games played (551w315l) – 2.54 GAA 0.910% – 66 shutouts
Ken Dryden – 397 games played (258w57l) – 2.24 GAA – 46 shutouts

After compiling those names and statistics, I quickly realized that Price was among the top elite goalies that the NHL produced over the time. Different generations, you may say. He still has no Stanley Cup (we could argue for hours here, let’s be realistic, it’s a lot harder to win the cup than it used to be). Let’s not forgive that Carey already has 1 Olympic gold medal and statistics that give him the #1 NHL goalie status. At such a young age (27), the future looks very bright for him and the Montreal Canadiens organization.

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