c The latest are the Los Angeles Kings in 2014. Trailing 0-3 versus the San Jose Sharks, they ended up winning 4-3. The odds through 2013 were 3 times in 175 tries (1.7%).  Lets not forget what happened with the Kings last year (they ended up winning the Stanley Cup).

The 3 others teams in NHL history to have accomplished the same comeback are: Toronto Maple Leafs in 1942 (at the Stanley Cup Final against Detroit), New York Islanders in 1975 and Philadelphia Flyers in 2010.

From the two teams in 2014-15 trailing 0-3 in the playoffs, only 1 is still alive and is heading to game 5 tonight. Will the Ottawa Senators pull a less than 1.7% chance of surviving versus the Montreal Canadiens?

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