Many players have that ability to score goals. But who are the best players in the NHL? How many goals do the best snipers have scored in the last few seasons? Here is a list of the top 10 snipers of the league in the last two years.

1- Alexander Ovechkin 84 goals in 132 games played
2- Joe Pavelski 69 goals in 136 games played
3- Tyler Seguin 66 goals in 133 games played
4- Corey Perry66 goals in 120 games played
5- Max Pacioretty63 goals in 125 games played
6- Rick Nash59 goals in 116 games played
7- Phil Kessel 58 goals in 136 games played
8- Patrick Kane55 goals in 122 games played
9- Ryan Johansen53 goals in 133 games played
10- Sidney Crosby53 goals in 129 games played

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