The History behind the All-Star Hockey Game

Hockey ASG

The History behind the All-Star Hockey Game Every year, the most celebrated players in the league pit their talent against each other in a star-studded exhibition game. While the general perception of this game is often that of a rather frivolous spectacle, recent changes seem to have revitalized an event that was slowly losing traction. […]

Hockey Equipment Then and Now

Old-school hockey

Hockey Equipment Then and Now It has been said that there is nothing permanent in this world and that applies to hockey. As compared to before, the equipment and the clothing that hockey players are wearing these days as you can see from our Hockey phone cases are different from the equipment and clothing worn […]

NorthLegends v2.0

Northlegends Apparel & Cases

After weeks of hard work, our newest website is now up and running smoothly. The last time I heard that line was in Jurassic Park, and it didn’t end up well. Let’s hope for the best here. A few features will be added in our next update, including USD payment and a full french/english version. […]