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Who will be part of team Canada’s World cup roster?

Keep Calm and Carey On

On May 27th at 18:22 EST, team Canada will be announcing their final roster of 23 players. 16 players have already named which means that there’s 7 spots left in Canada’s team. Interesting fact is that the World Cup will be played on a regular (NHL) ice, even if the GM of team Canada’s, Doug […]

Is hockey still a Canadian game?

Canada win the gold at the Olympic

For the first time in 46years, there will be no Canadian teams in the NHL playoffs. While Montreal Canadiens had a dominant start of the season, things went downhill when Carey Price got injured on November 25th. Does that mean hockey is no more a Canadian game? Since a lot of Americans celebrate the fact that […]

Hockey free agents for 2016-2017

UFA Steven Stamkos

The trade deadline is coming very fast and most GMs are looking around to either get players to increase their chance to win the Stanley Cup or to unload some players to gain some cap space. Here is the list of the top UFA (unrestricted free agents) for the 2016-2017 season. Defense Brian Campbell   […]

NorthLegends v2.0

Northlegends Apparel & Cases

After weeks of hard work, our newest website is now up and running smoothly. The last time I heard that line was in Jurassic Park, and it didn’t end up well. Let’s hope for the best here. A few features will be added in our next update, including USD payment and a full french/english version. […]

Top 5 Montreal Canadiens Prospects

On paper, Montreal Canadiens do not look like they have any spots left on their roster for the upcoming season. But, Michel Therrien and Marc Bergevin have a different mentality then we what we used to have in Montreal: players are the ones making their decisions. What is this suppose to mean? If a player […]

How lucky are we to have Marc Bergevin?

The Chicago era: Marc Bergevin isn’t a newcomer in the hockey world. A former defenseman from 1984 to 2004 in the NHL, he played with the Blackhawks, Lightning, Whalers, Islanders, Blues, Red Wings and Penguins and ended his career with the Vancouver Canucks. But his career didn’t end there. He rejoined the Chicago organisation as […]

Which NHL teams came back from a 0-3 start?

c The latest are the Los Angeles Kings in 2014. Trailing 0-3 versus the San Jose Sharks, they ended up winning 4-3. The odds through 2013 were 3 times in 175 tries (1.7%).  Lets not forget what happened with the Kings last year (they ended up winning the Stanley Cup). The 3 others teams in […]

Losing a top player

The NHL season is about to end and a lot of teams are already guaranteed a playoff spot, a few are still battling. What happens when you lose a top player close to the playoffs? Which current teams have their best or top player injured? Let’s take a look at the top5. 1- Patrick Kane […]