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NorthLegends v2.0

Northlegends Apparel & Cases

After weeks of hard work, our newest website is now up and running smoothly. The last time I heard that line was in Jurassic Park, and it didn’t end up well. Let’s hope for the best here. A few features will be added in our next update, including USD payment and a full french/english version. […]

Top 5 Montreal Canadiens Prospects

On paper, Montreal Canadiens do not look like they have any spots left on their roster for the upcoming season. But, Michel Therrien and Marc Bergevin have a different mentality then we what we used to have in Montreal: players are the ones making their decisions. What is this suppose to mean? If a player […]

How lucky are we to have Marc Bergevin?

The Chicago era: Marc Bergevin isn’t a newcomer in the hockey world. A former defenseman from 1984 to 2004 in the NHL, he played with the Blackhawks, Lightning, Whalers, Islanders, Blues, Red Wings and Penguins and ended his career with the Vancouver Canucks. But his career didn’t end there. He rejoined the Chicago organisation as […]

Carey Price versus the rest of the world

Carey Price has been the spotlight of the NHL this year. With a 40-15-5 record, a .937% save percentage and a 1.88 goals allowed on average, Carey is leading the league in every way possible. But Price isn’t just a normal hockey player, he takes time to give back to the community knowing that very […]

Who got the best from the deadline?

1- Chicago Blackhawks Adding Antoine Vermette after the loss of Patrick Kane for 12 weeks and adding veteran defenseman Kimmo Timonen is reinforcing a very solid offensive and defensive squads. These questions remain, is Corey Crawford the goalie to raise that trophy? Is the loss of Kane to big for them in the long run? […]

Top 5 teams in the NHL

Some predicted them to be there, others totally forgot about them, here is the current top 5 of the NHL. 1 – Nashville Predators (32-11-6) 70pts  Newest Nashville rookie, Filip Forsberg (44pts) and UFA, signed this summer, Mike Ribeiro (43pts), are leading this team offence to the first spot on top with 70 points in 49 […]